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July, 1 - Pop-up Shop @ De Berendonck, Nijmegen

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

We're back, babyy!

On July 1st (Friday) I'll be back at de Berendonck with my pop-up shop.

There's a Liquid Force Test Day that day, so you can test a new board or bindings while rocking your new Vuig tee.

See you there!

More info below the banner.


I'll be there about 15:30, the testing day starts at 17:00. The cablepark is open from 12:30, but the cable will be crowded with schools until 15:30. So if you prefer your cablepark without a lot of screaming kids, you come as late as I do.

The cablepark will close no later than 21:30, but I'll leave a little earlier.

Address and parking space

The test day is at Waterskicentrum De Berendonck in Wijchen. The address is Weg door de Berendonck 29. Ride through the gates of the parking lot of Leisurelands and go right. At the end of the parking lot you'll find the cablepark. A parking ticket costs €6,00, no matter how long you'll stay. It's a big parking lot with a lot of space. With extremely hot weather it might be a bit fuller with cars. In the very rare occasion that the parking lot is full, you'll find extra parking space when you turn left immediately after passing the entrance gates.


Waterskicentrum de Berendonck is located in a nature park. The park is accessible for wheelchairs, but not without contacting either Leisurelands or Waterskicentrum de Berendonck. To get access via Leisurelands, you have to contact them beforehand to arrange a key. You can also get access via Waterskicentrum de Berendonck. Keep in mind that, in that case, you can't leave the park (which has a big fence around it) when Waterskicentrum de Berendonck is closed. It's recommended to contact Waterskicentrum de Berendonck beforehand, so you're sure they're able to open the fence that day.


A big part of the terrace of Waterskicentrum de Berendonck has a roof, so you'll stay dry by bad weather. The area indoors is closed since Covid. There are dressing rooms and showers for wakeboarders (the showers are open showers in the dressing rooms, devided into men and women).

There are toilets and a wheelchair accessible toilet. The wheelchair accessible toilet is often locked, you can ask the staff to open it.

There's a beach bar with drinks and food.

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