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23 september, Season Ender @ De Berendonck, Nijmegen

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

If you'd ask me, the wakeboarding season never has to end. But if it has to, then I'd like to end it with a Season Ender at De Berendonck.

September 23rd there was a Best Trick contest and a Crazy Wake, where you'd try to make a full lap on a random object.

I sponsored some prizes, failed some tricks and had a pop-up shop. Oh, and there was the t-shirt release! Check the Berendoncker t-shirt here.

Contest results:

Women's Open

1. Eline Nievaart

2. Jade van Haaren

3. Josje Harbers

Men's Open

1. Jason Joannes

2. Thies Ector

3. Mike Arts

Crazy Wake

Dennis Born

Best Crash

Ruud van de Beeten

The judges of sitting at the table with a lot of people standing behind them and in the background.
A picture of the crowd sitting under umbrellas, watching the contest. It's a mix of wakeboarders and visitors.

Photos by Debby Hollink

See you next year!

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